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The first New European Bauhaus activity of Leiden2022 has been born! On the 29th of June an interdisciplinary and varied group came together in the Burcht for the first workshop with New European Bauhaus. From scientist to entrepreneur and from artist to student, everyone brought a different perspective. Guided by Roosmarijn van de Velde, they talked about what this initiative (part of The Green Deal) could mean to Leiden.
“The central question was what the future should look like. The combination of science, society and culture brings together many different ideas and visions. This rich combination of perspectives offers a great platform to the New European Bauhaus which we will shape from Leiden.”
“In an inclusive future, we will use interdisciplinary science”, Roosmarijn, frontrunner of New European Bauhaus explains. Leiden2022 is the platform where all these movements can come together, from art, science and knowledge, but of course also from the people.

Want to know more about New European Bauhaus and what it can mean for Leiden? Mail Roosmarijn!

The Leiden New European Bauhaus Sessions - June 2021