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Our mission is to establish Leiden2022 as a valuable knowledge platform and to help all participants in this platform get a little bit wiser every day.

Who Knows is the overarching theme of Leiden2022. After all, does anyone have a monopoly on wisdom these days? Who decides what is true? And who knows where we are supposed to get the truth from? Who Knows stands for the eternal, curiosity-driven quest for science, knowledge, art, and skills. For asking questions and the hunger for knowledge: the traditional Dutch curiosity to know.


In the image above you can find the annual programme of Leiden2022. The European City of Science year can be divided into three tracks [T]: contemplate, celebrate, and participate. Each of the 17 bubbles represents a cluster of grouped activities. The colour of the bubble corresponds to the programme line [T] that the activity is associated with.  

Below you can find the extended reading reference of the general annual programme image