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The project Knowledge throughout the Neighbourhoods  –  one of three internal productions within Leiden2022, together with ESOF and EUCYS  – is the public event programme of Leiden European City of Science 2022. With the Knowledge throughout the Neighbourhoods, we are going to build a bridge between science and local society. The 101 neighbourhoods of Leiden and their surroundings are the playing field. 

With the Knowledge throughout the Neighbourhoods, we collect and share science, knowledge, art and skills in and from the capillaries of the city of Leiden. The aim is to reach and involve every resident in one way or another in the European City of Science year in 2022. Each day of the year, we will take one of the 365 topics into the neighbourhoods with the motto: '365 days, a little wiser every day'.

Postbus 71 (PO Box 71)

Under the motto #durftevragen (dare to ask), we want to give all residents of the 101 neighbourhoods in Leiden the opportunity to ask questions. We call on everyone to send their questions to Postbus71 during 2022. This can be done by sending a letter to Postbus 71, and there will also be other options for asking your questions. 

Just as you can send a letter to Father Christmas, in 2022 you can turn to Postbus71 with all your questions about science, knowledge, art, and skills. The nice thing about the PO Box? You always get a reply! The most interesting questions are taken up and answered in Radio Weetlust and/or during the activities. 

From neighbourhood associations to local residents, everyone is welcome to join, every day. Have you seen a topic on the calendar that appeals to you and would you like to do something with it in your neighbourhood? Let us know and email Chris Jaeger at

By creating a year with 365 different topics, we make sure that there is always a topic that makes someone curious. Take a look at our wall to see which topic will take centre stage on your birthday or when your favourite topic will come to light!