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Learn to look deeper during the interactive water theatre with city canal consultant Aaf.

Learn to look deeper during the interactive water theatre. City canal consultant Aaf tells from the water what she encounters in the Leiden canals. She also talks about the plans for Educarp, the educational centre with cuddly carp on the site.  

How the story unfolds is determined by questions from visitors. For what kind of fish are carps anyway? Why are they more cuddly than a pike or a flounder? Aaf tells it all! Aaf will not be heard equally well on both banks so be patient until Aaf swims towards your group and answers your question.

While you listen, you can tackle the unearthed waste from the bottom! It is full of bugs, which you can admire in a tub. Would you like to know more about these little creatures? Then ask one of the volunteers who are walking around and they will be happy to help you!

There will be free leaflets, maps and colouring pictures for you to take away. Can't wait? Then take a look at 'what do you want to get out of the canals? Photos and videos will help you practice for the fish quiz and the litter quiz.

Access: Children are advised to stay inside the fences of the playground (free access) and adults can sit on the edge of the quay on the Lakenpark side. The activity is in Dutch.

Tip: in case of sunshine, bring a cap, sunscreen and water. In case of thunderstorms, the party will unfortunately not take place.

The water theatre is continuous. So you do not have to stay for two hours, but you can also come later and leave earlier.

Extra tip: Think about the questions you want answered beforehand.

Location: Lakenpark (part of the Singelpark). 

Time: 13.00 - 15.00 hrs.

Entrance: Free!

This activity is in Dutch and English, but Aaf also speaks French and German!