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Galery LUMC presents the new exhibition: ArtScience: Forms of Symbiosis. Curator Anastasia Loginova put together this exhibition from the works of students and alumni of the ArtScience Interfaculty.

The virtual exhibition "Onderhuids" (Under the Skin), made by students of the Honoursclass "Kijken is de (genees)kunst" (looking is a (medical) art), is also a part of this larger exhibition. 

Through interactive installations, videos and performances, 7 multidisciplinary artists have researched the connection between matter and the senses. These connections, whether driven by curiosity or necessity, aren't always beneficial for both parties. These connections do encourage thoughts about the self, the other, and the outside world. It is through our involvement with "the other", that we are able to experience the world fully. 

Forms of Symbiosis

Artist Bjarte Wildeman will show off a performance inspired by the movement of the human body, physical experiences, and the changing of the human body through bio hacking (the optimalisation of the body through technology or experiments)

With the artwork Sensing Willow artists Farah Rahman researches how a forest can be felt and experienced. Þórður Hans creates new possibilities for symbiosis through his installation-art, and Jesus Canuto Iglesias creates installations that focus on the senses of the visitor. He designed a couch that produces music that reverberates through the body based on physical touch.

Kijken is de (genees) kunst/(looking is a (medical) art)

As a part of this exhibition you can also see the unique virtual exhibition ‘Onderhuids’ (Under the Skin). This is an exhibition about empathy made by students of the Honoursclass Kijken is de (genees) kunst. The Honoursclass of Leiden University offers an educational program in collaboration with the LUMC. During this program students are taught to "see" in the broadest sense of the word. They are encouraged to develop their empathy through art.

This exhibition is a part of Leiden European City of Science 2022.

The artists whose work will be on display

Amos Peled
Jesus Canuto Iglesias
Þórður Hans Baldursson
Jacob Wallett 
Valentin Kellein
Bjarte Wildeman
Farah Rahman