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Non-stop screening of films and projects from all corners of science. Take a seat in the box and experience the beauty, fun and amazing side of science.

A rich selection of scientific films and projects will be screened in our temporary cinema

  • Selection from Unlocked Science (Videos made in cooperation with BBC Storyworks and International Science Council).
  • Jan van IJken's films: Planktonium - Becoming and The art of flying.
  • A selection from the Animated Science series by Bruno van Wayenberg
  • The InScience Festival selected a number of films from their rich programme especially for the European Science in the City Festival.
  • Plastic - about the contradictory properties of plastic - by Dansblok.
  • Dreaming green - result 2021 of art/science competition by students of the European Schools.
  • The art of theoretical biology - the greatly enlarged world of biology: pure art!
  • Wonderzoeker - Short film about science museums and science centres throughout the Netherlands.
  • Nieuw licht - 'Scientists' of theatre group Domino disarmingly search for answers to scientific questions.
  • Leiden shorts that recently also stood on the Pieterskerkplein selected 4 films for the European Science in the City Festival: 'Our Ark' - 'Naya' - 'Planet A' and Agrilogistics.
  • Biology institute - selection of short films about cognitive recognition.

Click here for the schedule