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3 x 3 = 9
9 x 9 = 81
Simple calculations with many different meanings.

What can be found in the world of calculations depends on the viewer. For example, a
mathematician will see a magic square, a chemist the 9th element Fluorine and a board game fanatic
the board game Go. A Dutch scholar recognizes a palindrome in the word nine. And if there is a 9 in
your date of birth, the numerologist will see a dolphin! But... how does an artist see this world of the
number 9?

Five curious artists set to work and investigated how to represent the number 9 in form and content,
resulting in an exciting group exhibition. It shows how you can represent the number 9 both in form
by using 9 different media, 9 layers of material or simply the size 9x9 cm/inch and in content like the
nine worlds in Norse mythology.

Curious too? Be welcome to watch and to be amazed! The exhibition can be seen in the Atrium of the Stadsbouwhuis, Langegracht 72 Leiden. As an opening act we will serve sandwiches for visitors on September 9 at 12.09, 9x9cm. Everyone from young to old is welcome at the exhibition! It does not matter whether you speak
Dutch or not, because the exhibition is accessible regardless of which language you speak.

Take a virtual dive into the Kunstroute: see more.

The exposition 9x9 imagined is on view until Sunday 25 September.

About the artists:

  • Ellen de Jong zooms in on our everyday clothing and makes realistic drawings of it. For 9x9 she has explored new themes. Take a look at her website by clicking here. On this page you will find a selection of her artwork.
  • Jaap de Raat takes photos that he combines in collages and prints himself. He shows the atmosphere of the nine worlds from Norse mythology. Click here to go to his website and click here to see some of his works of art.
  • Karin van der Kooy is a paper artist and researches different types of media and colours to fill in areas of 9 by 9 cm. On this page you will find more information about Karin van der Kooy's work and here you will find some of her artwork.
  • Saskia de Zee was a costume an set designer and now upcycles second-hand fabrics into clothing. She makes patchwork art with different motifs and colours. Take a look at her website by clicking on this link or take a dive into her various works of art via this link.
  • Welmoed Schmidt works with layers in photos and mixed media and investigates in a 9x9cm format how a connection can be created through lines and surfaces, minimal color and a variety of materials. Visit her website by clicking here or take a look at some of Welmoed Schmidt's artwork by clicking on this link.