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The Dutch Textile Commission is organising the 'Leidse Weefsels' symposium about the history, restoration, and conservation of textile and cloth.

The 'Leidse Weefsels' symposium consists of two parts: In the morning, the emphasis will be on lectures about the history, restoration, and conservation. In the afternoon, the emphasis will be on art and design. Participants can choose to join both sessions, or just one. The symposium will be held in Museum De Lakenhal, which has a strong connection to the topic of 'Leidse Weefsels'.

Who knows 

This congress will be organised by the Textile Commission. 
The Textile Commission contributes to the conservation of textile heritage by providing a network and platform to its members, providing excursions and symposiums, and by publishing the 'Studies in Textiel' journal.  

Terrain: Textile, Art
Location: Museum De Lakenhal, Oude Single 32, 2312 RA Leiden