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Will you also join the clean-up with the plastic spotters? They collect litter in the Leiden canals from canoes and investigate how much and what kind of litter is floating there during Leidens Ontzet.  

Every Sunday, volunteers fish waste from the Leiden canals from canoes and on sup boards. They systematically examine the litter and count the number of bottles, cans, facemasks and other striking finds. Because of course nothing changes with only cleaning up. By investigating the sources and giving feedback to politicians, law enforcers, restaurants and other parties, the plastic spotters try to close the tap Through this approach, the municipality of Leiden already switched to reusable deposit cups during Leidens Ontzet and other major celebrations. Also, several terraces are now plastic-free.  

This year during Leidens Onzet volunteers will count the number of cans, plastic bottles and very important the plastic disposable and reusable cups. How many are there this year in the canal and what else can be found? In the end, a short report will be made with the most important findings.  

Both children and adults are welcome. However, children must have a swimming certificate and be accompanied by a parent.

You can see the most interesting finds 24/7 in the windows of the bridge house on the Mare Bridge.  

If you want to see more about the action against the plastic disposable cups, watch the documentary made by Alexander Schippers.

Location: information follows after registration for the event.

Time: Sunday October 2nd 11.00 - 15.00  + Monday October 3rd 13.00 - 17.00 hrs

Ticket: Free! You can register via Regisration is mandatory.