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In cooperation with Picamed, BioPartner offers a Scientific Writing workshop for students and professionals who want to further develop their writing skills. 

Aim of this training: raise your chances to get information published and to get noticed!

In a concise training, consisting of two blocks of 3 hours, you will be seeing and working on various topics:
- Well-structured manuscripts
- Writing skills in terms of grammar, interpunction, avoiding ‘clutter’
- The publication process, good abstracts
- Making knowledge understandable for various audiences

Program overview

  • Block 1:
    - Recognizing well-written papers
    - Grammar, common mistakes and interpunction
    - Clutter, hedge words, vivid language use
    - Sections of the manuscript
    - The attention of the reader: titles and abstracts
    - Practices
  • Block 2:
    - Receiving feedback on your own text
    - Impact factors, open access, patents?
    - Editors, reviewers, the publishing process
    - Rewriting your valuable information in a more comprehensible form
    - How to grab the attention of the reader and social media

The course is conducted by Ivo Horn. About Ivo:

I am a lecturer-scientist with over 25 years of educational experience in biology and biomedicine. I actually love the writing part of scientific work: it is so rewarding to see your experimental work being recognized and published! And I advise investigators to be creative in their styles. As a reviewer, writer and educator, I look at the process from all sites. I am looking forward to give you feedback on your writing skills. Writing must be the ultimate result of your hard entrepreneurial lab work!

Location: BioPartner 5, De Limes 7, Oegstgeest


14 October: 13:00 - 16:00
21 October: 13:00 - 16:00

Ticekt:  €50,- for the two days. You can registrer via this link.

The workshop will be in English (expect if the whole groupe is Dutch speaking).