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The Bright Young Minds have arrived!

It's time! This week both the EUCYS and the first-ever EU TalentOn will take place. Come and enjoy the work of many different bright young minds!

The pictures on this page were taken by Margo Borninkhof, Meta Knol, and Chel Bastiaan.

"Welcome Bright Young Minds" is printed on a green background

Yesterday, on the 13th of September 2022, the participants of the European Contest for Young Scientists arrived in Leiden. The participants spend a large part of their day preparing for the presentations of their projects in the Hooglandse Kerk. 
Today, it's finally time for the official EUCYS opening. This event is a big deal for its participants, of course. However, you can also join in the celebrations. The entire opening will be livestreamed, starting at 10:30am! Follow this link!

A group of young people is building a wall filled with information about their project
A group of young people is building a poster wall to present their project during EUCYS
People are busy decorating and building things at the PLNT building for the EU TalentOn.

However, today is also a big day for the participants of the EU TalentOn. They'll be arriving in Leiden throughout the afternoon, and will be fully participating in this pressure-cooker event starting tomorrow. Do you want to see the presentations of these do-gooders? That's possible! On Friday the 16th of September, the participants will show their projects to the public. To attend, register here!

An impression!
Two employees of Leiden2022 pose with the DNA statue outside of the Hooglandse Kerk