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Celebrate science at the European Science in the City Festival this summer!

The Science in the City Festival takes place on the occasion of EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF2022).

On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 July from 2 - 6 PM and on Saturday 16 July from 12 - 6 PM the ESOF exhibition floor in the Pieterskerk is open to everyone! Festival visitors can visit the ESOF booths or for example Johnson & Johnson, Elsevier and the Estonian Research Council. You can also see the model of the James Webb telescope.

Science in the City Festival
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Below are all the activities at the Pieterskerk Square: 

Spreading doubt in the year of science! Join the doubt-ific research of ZITSO about the doubts, prejudices, fears and questions that people have about science.

Hortus bicycle
Hortus' cargo bike ensures it's possible for everyone to be a plant-researcher in their own neighborhood. The colourful bike draws people in. Find out what you can experience and discover around you!

Carcheology by Olaf Mooij 
Artist Olaf Mooij has been inspired by the concept of cars for a while. He views cars as living creatures and questions the origin of this animal. Does a car come from an egg? Is car-sperm involved? These questions will be answered in the Museum of Carcheology, a cabinet of curiosities with the life cycle of a car as a main theme. 

Naturalis (with ‘Slak’ (snail) – represented in a glass container)
Look for creatures in the street! Take a good look at the pavement under your feet, and find out how biodiverse your environment truly is. 

Caribbean Ties is part of a research project by Corinne Hofman: CaribTRAILS. Local Caribbean communities, Carribbean and European museums, and other cultural and research institutes, were closely involved during the development of this exhibition. 
The exhibition shows off the large impact of Caribbean people on world history and the world as we know it. 

Chantalla Pleiter – Biodiversity in augmented reality 
During COVID, Chantalla designed an artistic project to show off the world in a different way via augmented reality.

Nano supermarket
The NANO Supermarket shows off speculative products that could soon be available in your own local supermarket, drug store or hardware store: interactive paint, medicinal chocolate, programmable wine, etc. The products are supposed to spark a debate. They can be very innovative, but also terrifying. The products serve as theoretical scenarios that can maybe help us decide on what kind of future we really want.  

Silent Swing.
Something that touches or concerns almost everyone, rhythm and melody! And not just any kind of rhythm, onethat fits with the swing movement, so that the movement gets reinforced and enhanced.

Pandemic prevention car 
COVID showed us many things, but one takes the spotlight: pandemics are not a thing from the distant past! De Pandemic Prevention Car will explain how a pandemic works and challenges you to prevent and fix a pandemic. Get in the headspace of the government and try to control a pandemic via this game!

Psychologylab on wheels – an examination of lying
This mobile lab brings science to the people. With creative questions and ways of communicating, this project wants to combine science and society. "Is it easier to lie to a robot than it is to lie to another human?"

Mobile Planetarium (in the upstairs room of Gravensteen)
Visit this mobile, blow-up planetarium! AR and VR are no match for this planetarium. You can get an amazing experience of our universe in our own reality.
Take a seat on the pillows in the planetarium and be amazed by this interactive show.

Do you have a burning question? Do you want a real scientist or researcher to answer it? PO BOX 71 can make that happen! Ask them your question and they'll surely find an answer. You can see which questions have been asked previously here.

Gulliver’s Travels Agency
Go for walk with Leiden2022! Gulliver’s Travel Agency will provide you with many different tours and routes throughout Leiden based on many different subjects. Indonesia, poetry, and people that are over a century old; we have it all!