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Save the Date: Finale Festival!

We'd love to invite you to the Finale Festival of Leiden European City of Science on Thursday the 22nd of December 2022. It will be a knowledge-Christmas-spectacle filled to the brim with science, knowledge, art, and craftsmanship, with a choice of highlights from the past year. Of course, we will also be looking forward because the theme of the 22nd of December is: FUTURE.

On the 22nd of January 2022 Leiden European City of Science was officially opened by minister Robbert Dijkgraaf. This entire year we aim to connect science and society through a 365-day program meant for everybody with a curious mind. On the 22nd of December 2022 we'll celebrate the entire year!

The Finale Festival is open to all people with a curious mind. You can attend free of charge. The Festival is also meant for everybody who played a role in the past year as an owner of a day, participant, partner or audience, and for everyone who's curious to see the results of Leiden2022. Mark your calendar, more information will follow!

Want to get a taste of the entire year? Watch our opening film below!