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The 2nd FAIR Convergence Symposium will explore the state of art in FAIR implementation across a range of research domains and initiatives

The 2nd FAIR Convergence Symposium is organised by CODATA and GO FAIR on 24 – 26 October 2022, as part of the Week Focused on FAIR

This years’ edition will concentrate on smaller, high-priority, strategic and working meetings to encourage convergence on and implementation of FAIR Guiding Principles. The meetings are being organized as hybrid events, allowing for both in-person and online participation.

Workshops and sessions worthwhile highlighting include a workshop exploring the role of data policy in times of crisis; reports on the use of FAIR Implementation Profile methodology by the WorldFAIR project and ENVRI-FAIR communities; and a demonstration of the FAIR Connect open access publishing platform.

Detailed descriptions of the workshops and sessions, an overview of the 2nd FAIR Convergence Symposium programme and a link to registration are available at: