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Hercules Rhijngeestus is and artwork that will soon grace Park Landskroon in Nieuw-Rhijngeest in Oegstgeest. He'll be balancing on 1 foot, wearing one Nike shoe.

Folkert de Jong created a mythical Germanic figure that resisted the Romans so thoroughly that they created the Northern border of the Roman empire around the river closest to him. This border became the Limes (pronouncesg: lee-mass), the latin word for border. 

Jetteke Bolten, chairwoman of the Cultuurfonds Oegstgeest: ‘We want to show off the history of Nieuw-Rhijngeest. We want to make it visible and include the village and the youth.’
That's why Cultuurfonds Oegstgeest collaborated with Dorpsmarketing Oegstgeest to make a special Hercules Rhijngeestus themed colouring page for children ages between 4 and 12 years old. 

The children can pick up the colouring pages from Friday the 29th of July. The colouring pages have to be handed back in before the 9th of September. The colouring pages can be picked up and handed in at the following locations in Oegstgeest: the Jumbo Supermarket, the Echte Bakker den Dulk at the Rustenburgerpad, and the Library at the Lange Voort. 
All kids are invited to let their creativity take over. If they colouring page is the most creative, they can even win a small prize. The award ceremony takes place on the 22nd of September. Marjolijn van der Jagt, village marketeer Dorpsmarketing Oegstgeest: “We chose this day because of Leiden European City of Science. The daily subject on this day is 'Ommelanden'. That suits Oegstgeest and the Limes nicely.”