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Read all about the European Science in the City Festival @ Pieterskerkplein

Check out what we have to offer:

Harvesting doubt in the year of science! Join ZITSO's research in the doubts, prejudices, fears and questions that the public has about science. 

Hortus Bicycle
The Hortus bicycle makes it possible for everyone to be a plant researcher in their own neighbourhood.The colourful bike attracts people to look at what can be experienced and discovered right under their nose.

Carcheology (Olaf Mooij)
Artist Olaf Mooij has been preoccupied with the phenomenon of the car for quite some time. He regards the car as a living being and wonders where it comes from. Would it grow in an egg or does it come from a car spermatozoid? This question becomes visible in the Museum of Carcheology, a cabinet of curiosities where the life cycle of the car is the main theme.

Naturalis (with 'Snail' - and represented in glass container)
Look for animals on the street, look between the paving stones and discover how biodiverse your environment is.

Carribean ties is part of the research project of Corinne Hofman: CaribTRAILS. This exhibition has been developed in close cooperation communities, Caribbean and European museums, research institutes and cultural institutions. The exhibition presents the profound impact of the Caribbean's original inhabitants on world history and thus on the world as we know it today, based on the latest scientific findings.

Chantalla Pleiter - Biodiversity in augmented reality 
Chantalla designed an artistic project during corona to see the world around you in a different way by means of augmented reality.

Nano Supermarket
The NANO Supermarket displays speculative products that may come onto the market in the next few years: Interactive wall paint, medicinal chocolate, programmable wine, etc. The debate-provoking products are innovative, but sometimes also frightening. They serve as scenarios for possible futures that help determine what future we actually want.

Silent Swing.
Something that touches or concerns almost everyone, rhythm and melody! And not just any kind of rhythm, onethat fits with the swing movement, so that the movement gets reinforced and enhanced.

Pandemic prevention car 
COVID has made us face the facts like never before; pandemics are no longer a distant memory! The Pandemic Prevention Car will explain to you exactly how things work and challenges you to prevent and remedy a pandemic yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of the government and try with this game to get the situation under control as quickly as possible.

Psychology lab on wheels - research into cheating
The mobile lab brings science out of the university bubble. With creative questions and banding, this project builds a bridge between science and society. "Do you jockeying more easily against a robot than against a human?"

Mobile Planetarium (in the Gravensteen upper room)
Visit the mobile, inflatable planetarium where you are immersed in the universe. No VR or AR can compete with that. Take a seat on cushions along the inner edge of the planetarium and let the interactive show enchant you.

Gulliver's Travel Agency
Book your free tours of the city, including history, poetry, Indonesia or wall formulas. Here you will find a selection of what is on offer. 

PO Box 71
Do you have a pressing question? Would you like to ask a real scientist? You can do so by asking your question here. Here you can previous asked questions