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You may know that beer is made with yeast, but how does it do that, and why? Take a look through the microscope and see the living yeast cells that are also used for brewing beer!

Did you know that microbes such as yeast have been used for centuries for all sorts of things? For example, it is used in blue cheese, but the microbes also help to purify water. 

Olivier and other students of the student team of iGEM Leiden will tell you all about yeast and how it contributes to making beer and all other ways in which yeast is used. For example, the student team of iGEM will show you how they let microbes such as yeast do whatever they want in order to prevent blindness in Asia, for example. How cool is that? 

In this activity you will discover yeast in a playful way! 

Location: Leiden Beer Festival, Square Hooglandse Kerk

Time: 14.00 - 20.00 hrs.

Entrance: Free

More information on the instagram of iGEM Leiden or on the website of the Leiden Beer Festival.