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The discovery of quantum mechanics changed the world. On the 24th of November you can learn all about it at the Stadsbouwhuis in Leiden. How does quantum mechanics impact you?

Quantum and society: how the second quantum revolution is impacting you

The device you are using to view this webpage is built using insights gained from quantum mechanics. From the 1920's on, humans are able to describe quantum mechanical systems. The behaviour of collections of particles can be predicted. This quantum revolution gave rise to LED lights, lasers, the transistor, atom clocks and more; these are the technolgies that the internet, computers and global navigation systems are based on. Now, humans are able to control single particles. This opens the door to many new technologies, such as quantum computing and quantum sensing. The second quantum revolution - we bend single particles to our will - will have great applications for society.

Is quantum computing actually going to break encryption, cure cancer and revolutionize material science? Where does the money for research come from? Who will reap the benefits of this research? Will the technology go to the highest bidder, or to the greatest good? Come ponder these questions with us on the discussion evening about quantum and society.

The intended audience consists of anyone who is interested in quantum. You don't have to be an expert on quantum technologies to contribute to the discussion; we will pick topics that are not technical and have no clear answer.

There will not be a panel, because everyone should be on equal footing. Rest assured, there will be experts of the field in the audience of participants. So if you do have a background in quantum, we also very much want you to participate. Come ask some thought provoking questions!

If you want to know more about this event (like the program or which speakers wil attend), follow this link!

Practical Information

24th of November 2022 
19:00 - 22:30
Stadsbouwhuis, Langegracht 72
This event will be in English