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A fairy tale-esque boat trip through Leiden.
During Schemerstad (Twilight City), the visitor will make a boat trip through the canals and will be able to view theatre performances

Twilight... the transition between day and night, when the sun goes down and the night comes in. Twilight changes the city landscape, shadows become longer and some things only come out in the dark. Twilight in itself is a transitional stage, a bridge between light and dark, life and death, and between dreams and reality. 

Balancing in that transitional stage, Schemerstad offers you amazing theatre at amazing locations in Leiden. Schemerstad was first organised in 2010. Since then, it guarantees a miraculous experience on the water. The audience can follow plays and theatre performances while seated in a boat. Traversing from location to location, the darkness will set in, and they'll be confronted with all that the light cannot bear.  

Quests in Leiden's Twilight!

On Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of September, the twelfth edition of theatre festival Schemerstad will take place. During this unique event, the audience will go on a boat trip through the canals in the twilight and darkness of Leiden. On the banks, several theatre performances will take place. Theatrics gallore!
If you want to join the boat trip, you have to register. When you have done so, you can board the boat at the Apothekersdijk. You'll receive a drink and some snacks during the trip. While navigating the canals, you'll get to see Schemerlampjes (Twilight lamps); small acts you can view while the boat is moving. 

Different every time

Last year, the Schemerstad consisted of 1 day. This year, it's 2 days again. Those days will be filled with culture and theatre. There's a varried program with grotesque art on the Catharinabridge, an examination of silence in the Plantsoen, a spicy opera at the Nieuwe Rijn, an extravagant rave at a new location near De Rijn, and a videobased ode to melancholy and the unknown in the Hortus.

The amazement

Schemerstad is one of the most striking theatre events in Leiden. The city is the decor of several plays and performances, which makes the festival extra special. Because of its unique concept and high-quality performances, Schemerstad draws in a lot of visitors. However, there's always room for more people who want to be amazed in the twilight. 


You can either reserve a seat in one of the Schemerstad boats or you can follow the theatre tour with your own boats. Tickets for the Schemerstad boats cost 36,50 euros, navigating the tour with your own boat costs 95 euros. Buy your tickets here

If you opt for the Schemerstad boat, you're expected betweem 19:15 and 19:45 at Apothekersdijk 5, 2312DC, Leiden on the 9th OR the 10th of September. The tour ends around 22:30. Want to know more?

If you want to follow the tour with your own boat instead, you're expected at the Boommarkt on the side of the Webster University at 19:30 on the 9th OR the 10th of September. Want to know more?