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During the night of Seeing Stars Leiden, Citizen Science will try to answer many burning questions!

Seeing Stars Leiden is looking for project ambassadors within the range of the project area. 
What kind of light pollution is present in your street / your neighborhood?

- Does someone in your street leave the porch light on the entire night? 
- Are some some buildings lit up throughout the night?
- Can you see a tall building from your street that's being lit?

Soon, you can apply to be an ambassador HERE. Shine a light on light pollution! The darker it is, the more stars we'll be able to see. Lights off, stars on!

Subjects that will be discussed:

Astronomy - Which stars can you see during a regular night in Leiden?

Dark Sky - How many stars can we count during a regular night in Leiden? Can we increase that amount? 

Light pollution - Where's the most light pollution in Leiden?

Perception of safety - Do we feel safer with a lot of light? Are we truly safer with that light?

Our Bioclock - Does light influence our health?

Our Welness - How do we experience the dark?

Nature's Bioclock - What kind of influence does artificial light have on nature? Is nature disturbed by the light we produce?