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Slaapapneu Services organises an activity with experts who explain everything about sleep apnoea. With tests, the latest treatment techniques and advice.

Everyone suffers from tiredness so now and then but did you know that fatigue, snoring, obesity and high blood pressure can be symptoms of sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is treatable and many sleep apnea patients feel much better after starting their treatment. 

 Today, Slaapapneu Services organises an activity with a team of experts that is ready to explain everything about the cause of sleep apnea, the associated symptoms and the various treatments. While enjoying a nice cup of coffee and/or a sandwich at the cozy Neliss (own expense) you can read everything again and ask all your questions to the experts.  

Experts from the following healthcare institutions will be present:  

  1. Slaapapneu Service
  2. ApneaVereniging (patients association)
  3. VitalAire (provider of CPAP and SPT therapy)
  4. SomnoMed (provider of MRA)

You also get the opportunity to fill out a specific sleep apnea questionnaire that shows whether there is a chance that you suffer from apnea. Depending on the results of this questionnaire, an appointment can be made (free of obligation and at no cost) to sleep with a flow meter for one night to measure the occurrence and number of apneas. Depending on these results, you can then decide for yourself (or together with us or your GP) whether you want to undergo a diagnostic sleep study. 

We will also show you how such an extensive sleep study is carried out, what a CPAP machine looks like up close and how this device can actually prevent apneas. Various treatment methods will be on display, including different types of CPAP devices and masks. There will also be different types of MRAs (braces) on display and you can learn more about the Sleep Position Trainer (SPT) and the latest treatment methods for sleep apnea. There is a challenging contest with a prize and of course there are some nice goodies to give away. 

 Invest in your health and we would love to see you at this unique sleep apnea day of Leiden European City of Science! 

Location: Neliss, Kanaalpark 140, 2321 JV Leiden. 

Price: Participation and parking is free of charge. Registration is required. This can be done via this link.

More information can be found on the website.