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human/Artificial Intelligence, superhuman musical theatre by creators, players, musicians and audience who will venture into the future together with A.I. 

What kind of creature is A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)? What is a human? Can A.I. think about this together with us? Can it philosophize, can it make art? In h/A.I. the Veenfabriek, Orchestra De Ereprijs and theatre group ECHO will take on the challenge. They'll create superhuman musical theatre together with A.I.  

Artificial intelligence has become a part of being human. It supports our ways of thinking, influences our choices, and takes on my many tasks we used to perform ourselves. Without us noticing, 'A.I.' has become a part of all of our appliances and systems. Just wait a little longer, and A.I. will become part of our brains as well. According to many A.I. supporters this is a good thing, but critics also point out many dangers. The tension between humans and artificial intelligence deserves serious attention. Will A.I. help us become superhuman?

h/A.I. is a superhuman manifestation consisting of 4 actors, a 14 person orchestra, A.I., and an audience.  How large is the influence of A.I. on our play, our music, and does the audience even notice it? Experience it yourself and visit h/A.I., human versus Artificial Intelligence: futuristic musical theatre by creators, players, musicians and an audience who will venture into the future together with A.I. 

Besides this amazing show, you can also enjoy a 3-course dinner on the 31st of August 2022. From 19:00 onwards, you can dine, enjoy the show, and listen to a short lecture about A.I. The menu has been put together by Maureen de Jong, and the lecture will be given by university professor Peter van der Putten. All of this will take place in Scheltema Leiden. The doors will open at 18:30.

A ticket for this musical theatre + dinner is 30 euros.
There's also an option to buy a more expensive ticket (35 euros).
These extra 5 euros will go to the Veenfabriek and will make it possible for more events like this to take place. 

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please send an e-mail at least one day before this event takes place to

Are you doing something else on the 31st of August? Don't worry! The show can also be seen on the 12th and 13rd of September in de Stadsgehoorzaal (Breestraat 60, 2311CS Leiden). Unfortunately, dinner won't be included on those days.