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What makes De Waard #WORTHY? Artist Julia Heslop and theatre maker Sterre de Vries talked to local residents. Join in the discussion about their findings and create your own work of art!

In the month of June, #WORTHY takes place. Festival van het Andere Theater invited two artists to live and work in De Waard for a month. The aim is to zoom in on De Waard, to see what is actually happening there. A search for the real power of the neighbourhood. How do local residents feel about their neighbourhood and how do they not allow themselves to be pushed aside by imposed innovations? Are all developments #WORTHY for De Waard? 

In June, artist Julia Heslop and theatre maker Sterre de Vries talked to other residents about the changes in De Waard. Together with the residents, they have seen, heard, smelled and felt the neighbourhood. The results of this stay will be presented on 2 July with a work of art about the neighbourhood. They show an international view on neighbourhood renewal.

Talk to the artists about the resilience of a strong neighbourhood community. Or create your own artwork of the neighbourhood!

Location: Kantine of Gemiva, Willem Barentszstraat 7, Leiden

Time: 16.00 hrs.

Entrance: Free.

For more information visit the website.