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Leiden Declaration on FAIR Digital Objects

We have been living a data revolution for decades now. Every day, penta bytes of information of all kinds are generated and made accessible on the internet.

The amount of data is massive and extremely varied that it is not feasible for humans to make sense of it using current processes. Successful data management, exchange and interpretation in an ever-growing information tsynami will depend on highly automated methods dealing with combined data. This will require artificial intelligence but also robust and informative ways to store data. This is where the crucial concept of FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs) comes to light.

FAIR is about making data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable for both humans and machines.

From 24-28 October the 1st International Conference of FAIR Digital Objects takes place in Leiden. The conference brings together key technical, scientific, industry and science-policy stakeholders with the aim to boost the development and implementation of FDOs worldwide. It aims to transform the internet into more than just data space into a meaningful data space.

The 1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects will act as a milestone event with the potential of initiating the transformative process of turning FAIR data into reality in a systemic way. Where better than the European City of Science to start such an important movement. Therefore, FDO2022 will conclude with the formal signing and publication of the ‘Leiden Declaration of FAIR Digital Objects’.

While the signing will take place at the end of the conference, the committee invites you to add your name to the movement by signing the declaration online. It is an opportunity for all working in technology, policy and beyond to support an unprecedented effort to create a new internet based on the FAIR guiding principles. In short: together we create a new internet that works as a truly meaningful data space.

You can read more about the declaration and sign it via this link: Leiden Declaration FDO (