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These are the EU TalentOn projects!

The EU TalentOn participants have been working really hard on their projects. Now, we can finally announce their projects on our website!
104 participants have been divided into 5 different subjects based on the 5 EU Missions. Each mission now has 4, 5, or 6 teams working on the problem. Take a look!

Een collage van alle EU TalentOn Deelnemers 2022
Mission Arena 1 TalentOn: Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Act to Adapt: A moving cinema changing the narrative on climate adaptation and creating positive awareness.
  • Root Campers: Creating resilient and drought tolerant olive orchards through the use of grafting and natural micro organisms. 
  • Team 451: Bringing more nature to the city by matching urban land owners to active citizens.
  • Klimaso: Umbrella Green: bringing back nature into the urban jungle
  • Game Set Adapt!: DROPIT the app - moving you towards behavioural change on water use through small steps
EU TalentOn 2022 Mission Arena 2
  • Synergies: An information exchange system bridging the gap between the information available and cancer treatments performed.
  • Natural Killers: Repurposing COVID testing infrastructures for early detecting the cancer causing the most deaths in Europe.
  • OncoSmart: Metis - a space that simplifies the initial connection between the right people in academia and industry to beat cancer. 
  • Bright Ribbons: The Big C: an educational board game to increase health literacy levels in cancer-related topics.
  • OncoINect: Customized matchmaking bridging the gap between cancer patients, research bodies and health care professionals.
  • 4WARD Thinkers: Cancer Intelligence Centers (CIC) acting as key partners to local hospitals helping them provide the best diagnostics and treatment advice. 
EU TalentOn 2022 Mission Arena 3
  • Ciroulizers: OSR (Organic Secondary Material) is an online marketplace aimed at fostering industrial symbiosis.
  • Urgent Cities: Greenriders, a data driven solution rewarding individuals for sustainable transportation.
  • Greensly Bears: Thermobubble, utilizing Phase-Change Materials (PCM) to store heat to release when needed.
  • CloseTheLoop: PICKy, the first social media app that promotes litter removal by making it fun and rewarding
  • Urbanites 2.0: Solving the first and last mile mobility problem for those living in suburbs
  • Urbolution: Using digital twins to enhance air quality sensoring
EU TalentOn 2022 Mission Arena 4
  • The Bluemers: Customized biofilter eliminating micropollutants such as pesticides, 
    nutrients and manufactures chemicals & heavy materials in targeted area 
  • Coastbusters: Water-turbine powerd led lights illuminating fish nets and thereby reducing bycatch up to 95%.
  • ReAqua: Develop a technology determining the optimum amount of fertilizer for optimal crop height, preventing leaching in ground- and surface water
  • TeamBeam: AquaTag is a solution for earth-friendly sun protection that warns you about harmful and unsustainable compounds on your skin.
  • ForeSea: Detecting and monitoring microplastics in surface waters using a combination of machine learning and citizen science.
EU TalentOn 2022 Mission Arena 5
  • Youth4Soil: Connecting people with land to the tools to promote bioremediation of soils.
  • Terraquest: A tool that ensures collaboration with farmers and manage their soil carbon farming techniques.
  • Resoilution: The formulation of tailor-made organic biofertilisers restoring soil.
  • Soilfix: ROOTED - empowering citizens to restore urban soils