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Throwback movie: 180 days Leiden European City of Science

This year, Leiden is European City of Science. For 365 days, the city will present a full year program on science, knowledge, art, and skills. Every day, for everyone with a curious mind. Now that the first 180 days have flown by, it's time to look back at the first six months of Leiden European City of Science.

180 days: the first half year of Public Engagement with Science

Since the official opening in January, many activities took place, on a local, national and international level. From the start, the Year of Events is brimming with activities, events, workshops, exhibitions, lectures and adventures. Together with local communities, a lot of small scaled, but highly impactful events were created so far. Every single day. Every step along the way.

The first 180 days show the focus on Public Engagement with Science. New ways are found to create impact, by means of co-creation, participatory events and fresh, bottom-up practices.

Watch our throwback movie below:

Throwback video 180 days Leiden European City of Science